About Ring A Ride Teesside

Introducing Ring A Ride Teesside, assisted transport service tailored for everyone, especially those with mobility challenges and dementia. At our wheelchair-accessible and dementia-friendly taxi service, we prioritize inclusivity and safety.

In essence, our inclusive taxi service goes beyond just providing transportation; we offer a supportive and understanding environment, enhancing the ease of transport for individuals with various conditions and promoting a more inclusive society.

Fully DBS Checked

Passengers need to have confidence in the drivers they hire. Knowing that a taxi driver has undergone a DBS check provides assurance that they are trustworthy and safe to travel with, especially for individuals traveling alone or during late hours.


Our assisted transport service is staffed by individuals trained to understand the unique needs of passengers with various conditions. They are sensitive to their requirements, creating a comfortable and familiar environment during the journey.

Empathy and Patience

Drivers understand the need for flexibility in schedules and routes, ensuring the passengers are not rushed and can travel at their own pace.

Community Inclusion

Accessible transportation means everyone can engage in events, visit healthcare facilities, or simply enjoy outings with family and friends, fostering a sense of belonging.